how to create great job descriptions

Create a Great Job Description Without a Template

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Yes, You Need a Job Description Whenever there’s a need to increase your output, execute faster, replace lost KSAs (knowledge, skills, and Abilities), or delegate key business functions, there is a set of core requirements captured in a job description. Those requirements form the basis for what comes next, which is generally to hire someone as soon […]

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What Makes a Great Boss?

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Some months ago, we wrote a post about avoiding a bad boss, titled The Five Employer Types You Should Avoid. There are several horrible bosses and even shady ones. But what makes a great boss? Do you have or have had a great boss? Do you manage a team? What makes a great boss? Here’s what […]

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Tips for Onboarding

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So you’ve hired a new employee! He or she may have combined feelings of excitement and nervousness during onboarding — and so do you! What exactly is the procedure to onboard a new hire? Is there a procedure? While there is no rule for having an initiation process for a new hire, it can make […]

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[Infographic] Guide to Recruiting Active & Passive Job Seekers

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You may have come across the recruiting terms “active job seeker” and “passive job seeker.” You may even fit into one of these categories. Active Job Seeker An individual who is actively seeking employment. They may already be employed or unemployed. They seek new opportunities. Passive Job Seeker An individual who is already employed and is not seeking new opportunities. […]

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The Five Employer Types You Should Avoid

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Spotting a Bad Employer Before You Apply Perhaps you are a new entrant to the job market. Maybe you are a college freshman, sophomore, or even a junior, and you are excited to start putting your newfound skills to work. Or possibly, you are either unemployed or are looking to move to a different employer […]