Frequently Asked Questions

What we do, how we do it, and the value proposition we offer is different. Our clients have told us as much. With different, there’s always questions and we hope here we can provide answers to most of yours. Our answers tend to come with an excited Awe 😉. 

If you still have questions or challenge us to deliver the awe, please, contact us to learn more:

No we are not. While we appreciate and respect our recruiter friends and even work with the best of them, we stand fundamentally different. We take a long-term strategic Talent Attraction approach in which we partner with the company stakeholders, and manage the entire new talent pipeline, candidate experience, and effective onboarding. Since we continue to partner with the company on Talent Management after hire, we are able to focus on ROI, long-term retention, development, and lifetime value. We focus on recruiting an engaged employee that is a business-cycle fit, role fit, culture fit, value fit, and motivation fit.

People Operations is still HR, just taken to the next level. It’s to HR what Growth Hacking is to Marketing. At one point, Human Resources was a fancy way of saying “Personnel”, but the world changed, requiring the Personnel function to evolve and become leaner, more responsive, and more measurable. We are in the midst of another industrial/technological revolution, which means that HR must evolve again, and People Operations is our glimpse into what that evolution looks like.

As your HR & People Operations consulting partners, we work Hard, Smart, and with Curiosity and Professionalism. We experiment with different solutions so that we are working continuously on improvement. We solve problems by looking at things in an unconventional way. Behind the scenes, we always have a balanced team of HR & People experts taking on your HR pain points. We also have a deep network of subject-matter-experts and specialists across every facet of human resources, people operations, and culture to call upon as partners for the most complex challenges.

We make people-centric and data-driven approaches a centerpiece of how we work.

Fairly. We adopted a subscription-type model that looks like what you’d expect with a SaaS company, by using packages that involve ranges. These ranges for the monthly pricing take into account headcount, revenue, and company age, due to these categories as triggers and identifiers of complexity. There’s also individual “add-ons” or one-off services and projects that can also be requested.

Poprouser subscription services are better than hourly services for several reasons:

  1. Cost savings: With Poprouser subscription service, clients pay a fixed amount monthly, regardless of how much they use the service. This means that clients can save money in the long run, compared to paying hourly rates for each use, and contract amendments/change requests for hours overages.
  2. Predictable budgeting: Subscription services allow clients to budget your expenses more effectively since you know exactly how much you will be paying each month. This can be particularly helpful for businesses that need to manage your expenses carefully, and is an advantage over hiring an employee, since taxes, bonuses, benefits, and pay changes come with the territory, and represent variable costs.
  3. Convenience: The subscription service is often more convenient than hourly services since clients don’t have to worry about booking appointments for each interaction or scheduling service sessions. Instead, the service is available to you whenever you need it, in accordance with service level agreements (SLAs).
  4. Better service: Our subscription services are more focused on client satisfaction since they rely on retaining clients over a longer period rather than treating each item as a one-off, that can be cut off or left unfinished at any time if there are hour overages. This means that we are more likely to provide excellent customer service and address any issues promptly, seeing them through to completion without budgetary concerns.

We work how you need us to work, based on what we come to an agreement on. We may drop in to perform training, conduct interviews, configure systems, or engage with your people in the capacity for which you expect. If you are a super-lean company, and you don’t need us on-site, we’re perfectly fine performing work remotely and communicating via phone calls, video conference, Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp, and cloud communication technology e.g. Teams or Slack.

Due to COVID-19, Poprouser and its services have been moved to 80-100% remote until further notice as mandated by or in accordance to, local, State, or Federal government or agency.

We launched our services in Miami, in the South Florida market. Since then, we have expanded to the entire east coast, with a presence on the West Coast as well. We have a local team presence from Florida to Washington DC, and because of our distributed business model, are able to serve the various time zones of the continental United States.

We are not limited to any industry. If your company has people, we can serve it and unlock value. We have successfully engaged companies in Manufacturing, Energy, Software Technology, Arts & Entertainment, Healthcare, Professional Services, Logistics & Shipping, and Automotive. 

First answer is No. If you already have an HR department, the last thing we want to do is take an ax to your team, thus eroding knowledge and morale from your team overall. What we’d rather do is to provide services to augment them and allow them to focus on things that are a better use of their time and skills. We want them to be rock stars and encourage cross-learning and support that accelerates results and retains sustainable continuous improvement. We want to evolve traditional HR functions into People Operations departments one office at a time.

The second answer is Yes, we absolutely replace the HR function, if one does not exist within your organization. We get in there, work with you to architect your “people processes”, which also include what software to put in place to permanently automate some redundant functions, like receiving applicants or executing regular payroll. Then, we can either hire a person into the fully created HR and/or People Operations function, or continue to support your business with a Human Resources & People Operations strategic partnership that sees us as your knowledge base with regard to all things “HR & People” related.

To us, hybrid thinking means that we like to bring cross-functional people and organizations into our team, and our ecosystem of partners. We pull from all types of career backgrounds, disciplines, and expertise  – marketing, finance, data analytics, systems & IT, engineering, law, HR, art & design, etc. so when you get Poprouser, you’re not just getting an “HR person”. It’s as the saying goes “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

POp = Shorthand for People Operations.

Rouse = what we do with businesses. We wake up the latent growth potential that exists within your teams.

That it is yet another fad concocted from the disconnected hive mind out in Silicon Valley, and is not applicable to anything outside of a software tech firm. Also, people seem to think that “People Heroes” or “Happiness Consultants” is what People Operations really is, fluffy things that are really just tools to get people to stay and work more hours. It is not; read on to see why.

We’ve identified the four most common reasons for which we would receive inquiries and recommend an intervention. They are:

  1. Never had an HR person or function.
  2. HR person vacated position and left a void.
  3. Company is growing rapidly and needs to keep pace.
  4. Company is proactive in desiring to extract further value from their HR function and people.

Take a look at our services, we have specialists and experts in each focus area related to people and HR, including compliance, payroll, culture development, employee relations & experience, talent attraction, human resources strategy, day-to-day HR administration, audits, and much more. Feel free to give us a call to inquire if you’re unsure.

People Operations at its core is aimed at making a company a better place to work with the aid of data backed insight, looking at employees as internal customers. Companies with a people operations team can nimbly look into where the company can optimize operations with small, inexpensive initiatives, and track their success. Here’s a quick piece of homework. Type “people operations” into the search engine and look at the Job ads and blog posts that show up on the first few pages. You will see that companies that have adopted the people operations model are the top companies in their particular industries. Guaranteed.

We are your backup, your support, and your stewards when needed. We offer people operations training, first and foremost. Quick access to resources that are localized for their use, makes a world of difference. We aim to elevate the HR and People Operations professional to earn a seat at the strategic table and be seen as a leader in equal parts to and standing shoulder to shoulder with finance, operations, marketing, and product dev/engineering. We seek to evolve the narrative and role of the HR professional. Because we’ll need to in order to keep up with the movement that is taking shape in the workforce and workplace to remain competitive and maintain continued growth. In addition, we realize that having overworked HR professionals managing an entire organization of people and inheriting past problems and incomplete processes set the people up for not just failure, but burnout. We streamline the HR professionals’ day to day workflow. This allows them to focus on working on strategic HR and people initiatives e.g. culture, training & leadership development, workforce planning, talent management, diversity & inclusion etc., rather than being consumed by paperwork and putting out employee and contractor “fires” or been seen as the in-office boogeyman.

Yes. People Ops can be most effective when you don’t have the cash to spend on expensive HR initiatives to compete for talent, so you must come up with creative ways to make people want to work for you without absorbing every last penny. It includes data-driven approaches that are designed to improve your ability to create value and cut costs. People Operations fits right into the agile management paradigm and managing by results and objectives.

1 – Curate streamlining technology to train on and put in place. 2 – cost-cutting advisory. 3 – create a streamlined system of hiring and onboarding. Combined, these measures can slash costs by 33-60% within 2 – 4 months.*

Quick answer: It’s appropriate at any juncture and any stage of an enterprise’s lifecycle. With that said, there are six key inflection points at which a company should seriously consider building or acquiring a people operations team.

  1. When getting ready to begin search for your first key employees post incorporation and getting it right from the start is absolutely crucial (Pro tip: this is everyone)
  2. When experiencing more sales growth than the founder/owners can take on themselves
  3. When approaching legal compliance headcount thresholds when many federal and state labor law and regulation kick-in which, depending, can be 15 – 50 employees
  4. When experiencing rapid growth that requires large-scale continuous recruiting, onboarding, and training (congrats btw)
  5. When restructuring the business, whether that be by M&A activity or a pivot that requires major changes to your needed expertise or workforce makeup
  6. When your organization is stuck in a cycle of high turnover, runaway toxic culture, lack of diversity, uncertain leadership development and succession planning, or suffering from low morale and low engagement and needs course correction.