Join the growing People Operations ecosystem.

Partner with us.

What you get

Access to Poprouser network.

  • You make it easier for us by getting people excited about Poprouser based on your experience with us, so we want to make things easier for you. We welcome you into our ecosystem of trusted businesses and professionals, becoming your proponent, and an extension of your lead generation.

Earn $500 for each business you refer.

  • We cherish and appreciate our friends of Poprouser, especially the local partners that continue to be our champions. Once your referral has signed on with us and reached $5k in payments, we’ll deposit $500 into your account or send you a check of equivalent value. This is how we say thanks!

What’s in it for them

Discounted services.

  • Referral clients enjoy a waived implementation fee (anywhere from a $500 to $5,000 value).

Free initial consultation.

  • That first meeting will be a combination of rapport-building, fact-finding, and problem-solving. In addition to that, your referral will get an extra session of consulting, before any financial commitment.