Why ATS Job Syndication is Essential for Your Hiring Success

ATS Job Syndication and why it's essential
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ATS Challenges

As more companies turn to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to streamline their hiring process, it’s important to remember that there are certain unspoken and rarely communicated guidelines that must be followed when syndicating job posts to job sites, such as Indeed, through these systems. How it generally works, is that your ATS sends an XML file to the job site in an automated feed, and job sites can be ambiguous about why your job never made it over in the feed, or isn’t performing the way you expect. Job site guidelines are difficult to locate and hard to understand why a job is approved, banned, or must be sponsored.

Employers are generally left on their own to test what job ad copy works, what causes job ads to not receive organic traction, and what gets the employer and their job ads removed from job sites. To help employers with maximizing their organic job ad traffic through ATS job postings, here are ten rules Poprouser developed to ensure that your job postings are effective and compliant.

The Ten Rules for ATS Job Syndication

  1. Do not spoof: It’s important to always use your company’s official email address and website when syndicating job posts. Using a fake email or website can damage your company’s reputation and make it difficult for potential candidates to apply. You could also be flagged for phishing attempts.
  2. Do not lie or misrepresent the details of the job: It’s important to be honest and transparent about the job requirements, responsibilities, and expectations. Misrepresenting the job will only lead to disappointment and frustration for both the candidate and the employer.
  3. Do not repost: If a job post has been filled or is no longer active, it’s important to remove it from the ATS. Reposting old jobs can be confusing for potential candidates and make your company appear disorganized.
  4. Do not use clickbait: Clickbait headlines and job descriptions may help to generate more clicks, but they’re not likely to lead to qualified candidates. Be straightforward and honest about the job in the post. Otherwise, you get high views and click-through-rate, and low applicant count. In addition, job sites like Indeed may actually rank you lower or flag your job ad based on the clickbait title.
  5. Include fair salary in the job post: Be transparent about the salary range for the job. Not including salary information can lead to candidates feeling misled and disrespected. Some states require it, and it will help you rank in search results
  6. Do not double-post a job: Avoid posting the same job on multiple platforms in order to avoid confusion and ensure that the job is only posted once.
  7. Do not post the same job multiple times: Avoid posting the same job on multiple platforms, or multiple times on the same platform, as it can lead to confusion and frustration for potential candidates.
  8. Do not post jobs that violate labor laws: Make sure your job postings are in compliance with all federal, state, and local labor laws.
  9. Do not post discriminatory jobs: Avoid posting job descriptions or requirements that discriminate against any protected class of individuals, such as race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation.
  10. Do not plagiarize: Always use original language when writing job descriptions and do not copy the language from other job postings or websites. Plagiarism is not only unethical, but it can also lead to legal issues. Aside from plagiarism, simply copying and pasting job ad templates takes away from candidates’ first impression of your business.

The Goal: No Sponsored Ads and Strong Candidate Flow

By following these ten rules for Applicant Tracking System Job Syndication, you can ensure that your job postings are effective, compliant, and respectful to all potential candidates. Poprouser’s objective is for your ATS to be optimized – presenting you with great candidates and a strong recruitment flywheel, all while avoiding sponsored job ads. You are better off adding effective candidate sources and engaging with recruiters, then the endless money pit which is sponsored job ads.

If this presents a challenge for you, or you’d rather focus on what you do great and leave the management of your Talent Acquisition program to pros, we can help with that. And by help, we mean to build and take over the whole Talent Acquisition program effectively.

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