Poprouser CEO Joins Greater Miami SHRM Board of Directors

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Poprouser’s CEO Cody Bess (front row, third from left) being sworn-in with the new Board of Directors of the Greater Miami chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management. January 17, 2019, marked Poprouser CEO Cody Bess becoming the new Chair of Diversity and Inclusion at the Greater Miami Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (GMSHRM). […]

hospitality and hotel industry

Primer on HR & People Ops in Hospitality and the Hotel Industry

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Business landscapes across the world continue to shift and refocus as companies reevaluate which employment techniques will be the most effective in the new economy. The things that employees value are changing as well and employers need to do their best to address their employees’ goals and longevity. This holds true especially in hotels and […]

How to be Productive, or, How to Stop Worrying About Productivity

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Productivity articles are quite the trend nowadays. At times, reading about productivity seems to be more enjoyable than actually being productive! We are being provided with statistics showing us different conclusions about productivity: Other nations are far more productive than the U.S. The U.S. is quite high on the productivity scale Technology is increasing productivity; […]

company culture of a team at work

A Bit of Company Culture

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More than ever we hear about the importance of developing a welcoming company culture. As the values of professionals evolve, the work culture of a company climbs up the ladder of importance. Many professionals would even claim it to stand proudly on the top rung. When building the culture of the company you work for, […]