About Us

Our Mission

Poprouser founders noticed a set of alarming trends growing in the business community:

  • Tech changes increasing faster than employers and employees can handle = skill gaps, entire demographics of people left behind
  • Disengagement in the workplace, battles over office vs. remote, and stalled productivity
  • Deterioration of ethics and trust in business
  • Growing disconnect between leadership and people who do the work
  • Growing gap between small business competitiveness with giant multinationals, and the falling sustainability of new tech startups
  • Lackluster Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging efforts without lasting value, and lack of executive leadership at the center

Because of this, we determined to do something about it.

We created Poprouser to rouse organizations to become financially healthy, gain resilience, and build winning teams.

Our Vision

We envision American small and medium-sized businesses enabled by Poprouser to compete and develop into resilient teams, freeing them up to innovate, enjoy life, and tackle the bigger issues facing humanity.

Our Values

What Poprouser Believes In

We are people-centric, insight-driven, and intellectually curious – committed to improvement.

We love to mentor, receive feedback, and learn, so that we can apply knowledge gained to our daily endeavors and pay it forward. We’re not the foosball table and mandatory fun type; that’s not what People Ops is. We come together daily to do something awesome, and then live our lives on our own terms.

We are and seek to be:

  1. Self-managers – we seek mastery of self, learning about our emotional thresholds, and what truly motivates us to wake up and do something great.
  2. Hybrid thinkers – we are not content with being experts in a narrowly defined field of practice. Business is … messy, as is the typical career of an effective person. The future will call for cross functional leaders, who are equipped with multiple mental models and frames of reference from which to pull from to devise interesting perspectives and solid solutions.
  3. Active listeners – sometimes, the best thing to do is to pick up the phone and seek first to understand.

Our clients entrust us with their money, their brand, their employees, and their livelihoods. We take that responsibility seriously.

We Value



Integrity of Character

Continuous Improvement

Emotional Intelligence

Cultural Awareness

Our Founder & CEO

Cody Bess

Cofounder and CEO

Cody Bess likes to work with business owners and leaders with a vision. His career spans more than 20 years, including military leadership, tech, and consulting, and now works to bring People to the forefront and create thriving workplace ecosystems. He is driven by the need to future-proof the workforce, making the world better for his daughter and the next generation.

Poprouser Timeline

September 1, 2017

The People Ops Advantage

Cody and Mo assemble corporate lessons learned and People Ops tenets into a deliverable B2B concept. We test with real customers as part of our management consulting firm.

September 1, 2017
June 11, 2018

Poprouser Begins

After validating the Poprouser concept, we launch officially, spinning out Poprouser Inc. from a project.

June 11, 2018
March 16, 2020

COVID-19 Strikes

Global economic standstill as shutdowns and illness impacts businesses, causing them to rethink their operations.

March 16, 2020
August 16, 2020

First Business Growth

Due to our “digital-first” focus, and our dedication to breaking down and reconstructing HR into a more effective model, Poprouser expanded to new levels during the pandemic.

August 16, 2020
January 1, 2022

Geographic Expansion

Cody establishes a second base of operations in the Washington D.C. area, signaling our intent with business development.

January 1, 2022