gmshrm swear in

Poprouser CEO Joins GMSHRM Board as Director of Diversity

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Poprouser’s CEO Cody Bess (front row, third from left) being sworn-in with the new Board of Directors of the Greater Miami chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management.January 17, 2019, marked Poprouser CEO Cody Bess becoming the new Chair of Diversity and Inclusion at the Greater Miami Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (GMSHRM). Regarding […]

A group of business people practicing technical skills and soft skills

Be Hardheaded about Soft Skills

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The fact that they are called soft skills cause many of us to dismiss them. They are not as easily quantifiable as technical skills, but they are just as important. Soft skills are skills that help with communication and understanding our fellow humans. Now these are essential to any profession but as stated above, they […]

creating opportunities

Preparing for Opportunities and Creating Them

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It’s been a frustrating couple of months for you, looking for work opportunities. You’ve been to career fairs, networking events, and visited every job board you can think of. Yet, opportunities have not presented themselves. But fear not! An opportunity will come. Searching for the opportunity is not the top priority unless you have financial hardship. […]

great boss

What Makes a Great Boss?

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Some months ago, we wrote a post about avoiding a bad boss, titled The Five Employer Types You Should Avoid. There are several horrible bosses and even shady ones. But what makes a great boss? Do you have or have had a great boss? Do you manage a team? What makes a great boss? Here’s what […]

group of employees onboarding

Tips for Onboarding

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So you’ve hired a new employee! He or she may have combined feelings of excitement and nervousness during onboarding — and so do you! What exactly is the procedure to onboard a new hire? Is there a procedure? While there is no rule for having an initiation process for a new hire, it can make […]