Don’t Be Another Cog in the Corporate Wheel

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A Cog is Replaceable

Yes of course, a Cog in the Wheel is essential but can easily be replaced by another cog. If you get my drift, I’m telling you to stand out so that you are not only essential but irreplaceable to your company. At Poprouser, we hope to influence others to develop into leaders. The first step is of course to be a hard-working individual. However, all this gets you is stress, a basic paycheck, and some experience doing easy to replicate work.

We came across two articles from Entrepreneur which we felt can prepare professionals in their journey to becoming a leader:

Want to Be Engaged in Your Career? Be Indispensable.

Published on May 10, 2017. Read the article. Written by Nina Zipkin.

Instead of being a Cog in the Wheel – be a lynchpin. Be vital to your organization. The article discusses how an individual can become a lynchpin. It discusses how there are pros and cons to taking additional responsibility in your company but ultimately it indicates that Professors Lixing Jiang (University of Washington Oshkosh), Thomas Tripp (Washington State University) and Tahira Probst (Washington State University) all strongly advise us to go for it!

Why This Founder Says You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Go Big

Published on May 11, 2017. Read the article. Written by Nina Zipkin.

Here’s an interview Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, in which he provides the reader with some inspiration. It’s a fun 20-questions style article which is a must-read for any future leader. Often, we find inspiration in others who have overcome hurdles to accomplish what they have. With insights on how he begins his day, to the books and individuals that have influenced him — the answers that Levie provides will surely serve as an encouragement to you on what steps to take to ensure success.

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