Why HR Outsourcing and Why Now?

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Evolution is continuously happening all around us. Business evolves, people evolve, processes evolve, effective methods change, technologies get better and so forth. This evolutionary change is rapid & and can cause both positive and negative effects for business ecosystems around the world.

Let’s break this down a bit …

The Positive:

  • Greater Ability to Measure Results
  • Newer & More Agile Technology
  • User-friendly Software
  • Fine Tuned Processes and Innovative Business Models
  • New or Improved Services & Product Lines
  • Better Tools to Understand Your Market
  • New Markets & Industries
  • Greater Volume of Data

The Negative:

  • Process and Data Require Constant Updates and Maintenance
  • Implementing Changes is Laborious and Expensive
  • Investing in Future Talent and Tech Needs Requires Greater Risk
  • Changes are too Rapid for Businesses to Keep Pace
  • Competitive Environment Increasingly Complex and Volatile

These are a few but common general factors that affect business owners worldwide, day after day. As decision makers we must evaluate our markets on a continuous basis and judge what to adapt to and what to leave behind, according to what benefits us most at that moment.

History has proven time and time again that most evolution happens to be beneficial for humanity at large. This is mostly due to the fact that the changes occur from mishaps in the current state of things, providing the stimulus to improvise, improve, and innovate, drifting away from the status quo for the better.

Now what do these factors have to do with HR? Simple …

Human Resources is experiencing the greatest evolution it has ever seen. Great companies are choosing to embrace this evolution by investing in HR.

And it might be the single best move you can make this year.

Let me explain why. 

HR is a department which at first seems mundane, repetitive and non-revenue generating but with the new advances we’ve had in the last decade or so, HR has been turned to a mean, green and lean machine and if you haven’t hopped on the train, you’re missing out.

  • In the past we had to do payroll by hand which took a whole clerk/bookkeeper time and effort; no longer.
  • In the past we had to keep our eyes on our employees, having people punch cards to track their progress which took time and energy; never again.
  • In the past we had to shuffle paperwork in large, unsecured folders from cabinet to hand deliver for signatures; we gladly left this in the 1900s.
  • In the past we had to search, call, & even place physical papers to look for top talent … clearly, this is no longer the case!

You can now:

  • Access expert HR advisors without having to build that knowledge within the company
  • Maximize profit through better performance measurement and review
  • Reduce mistakes from repetitive tasks such as payroll with automation
  • Increase employee manager effectiveness and streamline communication channels
  • Improve revenue through strategic hiring & training
  • Implement easy & automated company wide employee tracking & metrics analytics
  • Get the value of an HR team for the price of one full-time employee or less
  • Eliminate redundant work across the company
  • Provide employee relations support from the perspective of a customer

Don’t underestimate the importance of these tasks value areas or your company will suffer great consequences. You must attack the weak spots of your company’s workforce operations with military precision, as you find yourself in an ultra competitive environment that is very unforgiving to capricious, unethical, or unstrategic business practices. It takes an external partner to look at your business from an objective lens to diagnose issues you may be too close to see. With an outsourced HR partner you will see improvements across all channels and departments. You will also see a large reflection in your books once your processes are enhanced and your team is working more effectively together.

Don’t risk hiring the wrong person that can have you on a wild goose chase for three months and a couple thousand dollars down the drain, after the person’s untimely exit! Don’t waste time and stress yourself trying to track employees manually and making sure they’re churning a profit. Don’t give away your time to repetitive tasks that can now be automated!

And last, don’t wait for others to tell you how much of a difference HR Outsourcing made for them, implement it now, and you can be the one evangelizing to them.

The HR industry has been fully revamped and brought up to speed through systems, tech, better data and fresh approaches that incorporate cross-functional disciplines and consulting techniques, that allow external HR partners to competently navigate touch across all departments. It is clear now that the HR department is becoming a key factor in company growth, but at the same time, HR departments’ internal headcount have been declining over time. It is your turn to make HR your competitive advantage.

Good news is we are here to help do just this. Our blog contains free resources and HR wisdom nuggets and offer our own HR services to make sure you are always getting the most bang for the buck, making sure your business grows and succeeds.

Talk to us about our services. In 30 minutes or less, we break down why HR makes sense and how to make it your advantage.

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