Product of Your Workplace Environment?

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two people waving to video conference, displaying workplace environment culture

Recently, I had a late-night conversation with a friend. We discussed how we are most influenced by the people we spend the most time with.

We all understand how the physical environment can affect our economic and financial decisions, but we also know that the people we surround ourselves with can influence our behavior, our goals … and ultimately whether or not we will be successful in achieving those personal goals.

Among those with the greatest influence on us, we typically think of our parents, our closest friends, teachers, religious leaders, and spouses.

Interestingly, our workplace environment is often overlooked. Working 8 to 12 hours a day, whether remotely through Zoom, Slack, email, or in person, the majority of our time is spent talking with our coworkers and bosses.

As a result, when choosing a job, it was important for me to carefully consider how the workplace environment would help me grow and prepare me for success. I was able to identify four elements of Poprouser’s company culture that drew me to the company.

The leaders here have an infectious passion for their work. Passion spreads throughout the company, touching every employee and encouraging them to work together for a common mission. Innovation and creativity are sparked when we are around people who are truly enthusiastic about what they do.

I admire how my colleagues are unafraid to show off their personalities. Whether they like wine or photography, their personal interests are visible in the workspace. We find inspiration from these details and feel aligned with the company we work for.

At Poprouser, the feeling of a greater purpose is strong. People passionately collaborate toward a common goal, test quickly to find what works and are not afraid of “breaking rules” along the way. Furthermore, the atmosphere here is one that encourages taking responsibility without fearing failure, so taking ownership is always seen as an asset.

Poprouser is a highly agile company that continuously changes its business model and tests new ideas. We have a dynamic team of individuals who are eager to foster a culture of creativity by providing the tools, training, and strategies essential to innovation.

Because I recognize that innovation and the smarts that produce it are today’s keys to success, I was seeking a workplace environment that would engage me. Working in HR and People Operations fit that need!

It’s important to constantly assess your peers and leaders and see if they are helping you accomplish your goals or preventing you from taking steps in that direction. For me, Poprouser hits the mark perfectly!

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