How to Win and Keep Customers – The Zappos Example

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Blocks spell out SUPPORT, in reference to supporting customers

The Customer – Employee Parallel

Customer Service, CRM, Help Desk, or whatever you call it, should be a priority of any business. Derek Sivers, the founder of CD Baby, stated that “Customer Service is the new marketing.” People often choose a place to work based on its quality of customer service. Great customer service will keep customers, while poor customer service will deter customers. Customer experience quality is often more important than the product or service being sold. Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh thinks of Zappos more as a customer-driven company, as opposed to simply ‘an online shoe shop.’

So what can you do to improve customer service?

Give autonomy to Customer Service Reps

Zappos gives its employees authority when interacting with customers. The company is known for its excellent customer service, and CEO Tony Hsieh allows the reps free rein. Reps and customers established rapport due to this autonomy; in one incident, a customer call lasted ten hours! In another incident, a rep sent flowers to a customer after she returned boots intended for her father, who had recently passed away.

Make Top Notch Service to Customers the Priority

Perhaps Customer Service does not get the importance it should. The role itself may seem like a stepping stone, or a high-school/college student job. However, as stated above, great service brings in customers and retains them. Take customer service training seriously; many companies, including Zappos, have all employees – regardless of the department – get training in customer service.

Raghav Suri