Building Systems of Inclusion and Diversity

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Employees at companies with inclusion are 50% less likely to quit. Along with this, they are likely to be more productive and happier overall. Making diversity and inclusion a priority in the workplace is crucial, especially if you’re looking to keep your workplace lively and vigorous. No matter what your background is, you can build systems […]

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5 Values You Need for a Resilient Organization

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It’s every founder’s dream to build a resilient organization that grows in value quickly and evolves to deliver long term value in any market scenario. However, 2020 is throwing everything short of a moon at us. To survive a pandemic, mass protests, and a collapsed economic environment, teams have to be almost superhuman to thrive and excel. […]

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Should Companies Give Diversity Training?

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The New Business Case for Diversity Training Very similar to how COVID 19 made the business case for digital transformation more palatable and easy to explain by forcing the move to remote work, recent protests around systemic racism against black people/ African Americans and police brutality have laid bare the case for Diversity, Equity, and […]

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Create a Great Job Description Without a Template

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Yes, You Need a Job Description Whenever there’s a need to increase your output, execute faster, replace lost KSAs (knowledge, skills, and Abilities), or delegate key business functions, there is a set of core requirements captured in a job description. Those requirements form the basis for what comes next, which is generally to hire someone as soon […]

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Why HR Outsourcing, and Why the Time Is Now

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Change is continuous. Businesses, people, processes, effective methods, and technologies adjust and change over time. This rapid change impacts business ecosystems around the world. Therefore, securing external partners via HR outsourcing becomes a great tool to manage positive and negative outcomes from change. Next, we break down some of those below. Outcomes of HR Changes […]

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For a Successful HR Audit, Ask these Questions

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Audit HR for Compliance While a Strategic Alignment Audit focuses on the ability of an HR function to continuously update and innovate itself for a company’s culture and competitiveness, the firm bedrock of a comprehensive HR audit will forever be overall compliance, policies, and regulatory adherence. It would be a disservice if we did not cover the tried and […]