bad employer type

The Five Employer Types You Should Avoid

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Spotting a Bad Employer Before You Apply Perhaps you are a new entrant to the job market. Maybe you are a college freshman, sophomore, or even a junior, and you are excited to start putting your newfound skills to work. Or possibly, you are either unemployed or are looking to move to a different employer […]

company culture of a team at work

A Bit of Company Culture

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More than ever we hear about the importance of developing a welcoming company culture. As the values of professionals evolve, the work culture of a company climbs up the ladder of importance. Many professionals would even claim it to stand proudly on the top rung. When building the culture of the company you work for, […]

understand hr employee retention

Two Words for a Higher Employee Retention

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Improve Employee Retention with Simple Empathy There are two words that you should learn to say often, and really mean when you say it: “I understand.” Sounds too easy, right? How could simply saying these two words to employees make them stick around longer and be more productive? Empathy and understanding are keys to employee […]

Remote team meeting Illustration

How to Manage Remote Team Meetings

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Remote Team Meetings Can Suck It is no secret that remote team meetings can be boring and useless (boring meetings seem to be a rite of passage in business) and erode team morale. Even LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner agrees. Avoid the waste. They can also be a breeding ground for wasteful tendencies and conflict. However, […]